Silver Tail’s Web Intelligence Capability – Big Data for Behavioral Analysis

July 10, 2013
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silver tailAs web services are relied on more and more, corporations and agencies need to protect, manage and monitor those services. Silver Tail’s Web Intelligence Capability provides end-to-end oversight of your web services. Silver Tail accomplishes this via tracking and categorizing the behavior of every request and action of all your web users. The tracking allows Silver Tail to create and accurate behavioral model for web users. They use Big Data analytics to identify what “normal” looks like. Whether it is signing on monthly to pay a bill, or reading emails at a couple a pace, normal behavior becomes readily apparent. As is often proclaimed, the bad guy is not going to pay your rent or your auto loan, every month, on time (or just a wee late).

Silver Tail tracks the actions of every user on your web service. Web services are often identified as one of the favored attack vectors of malicious actors. These attacks can be  SQL injection attacks, DDoS attacks to take the service, or other more advanced tactics. Silver Tail’s web intelligence identifies the attack, diagnoses it, and can help mitigate the damage. This cycle of identification, diagnosis and mitigation speeds the recovery process. Faster recovery allows organizations to quickly bounce back from attacks, and maintain greater uptime.

As we rely more on web services to get missions done, equal attention must be paid to protection this gateway from attacks. As GI Joe used to say, “knowing is half the battle,” and with Silver Tail Web Intelligence, you know what is happening on your servers. This allows you to also make better management systems, know when/where to upgrade equipment, and identify weaknesses or bottlenecks in web services. Silver Tail’s use of big data analytics on web service behaviors speeds your recovery cycle in the event of an attack, and can help prevent these attacks before they do damage.

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