The Evolution Of Technology Is Forever Changing Our Lives

March 4, 2013
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Today’s Cyber News: Recently a home urinalysis test was introduced.  FDA approved the use of robots to perform surgery.  Using a handsfree device is not a good alternative for a cell phone. and more…

The Evolution Of Technology Is Forever Changing Our Lives

Recently a home urinalysis system (test) was introduced to the medical field.  The home test will come with a cup and a strip as if you were at your doctor’s office.  The first step is to take a before and after picture of the cup/strip with your smartphone.   A color coded chart and the downloaded app on your smart phone is used to breakdown the elements found in your urine.  Read More

R2-D2 Is Performing Surgeries

The FDA approved the use of robots to perform medical procedures in 2005.  Between the years of 2007 and 2010 264,758 patients has undergone a hysterectomy surgery while a doctor controlled a robot remotely.  The JAMA authors speculate the growing number of robots being used in gynecologic surgery is:

  • First, robotic surgery may be easier to learn that a laparoscopy because it is more analogous to traditional open surgery.
  • Second, robotic assistance may allow for the completion of more technically demanding cases that would otherwise have required laparotomy.
  • Third, robotic surgery has been the subject of extensive marketing not only to surgeons and hospitals, but also to medical consumers.

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Using A Hands Free Device Is Not A Good Alternative For Cell Phone Use

Frontiers of Human Neuroscience “provided neural evidence for why hand-free phone technology isn’t a good alternative to cell phone use”.  A series of test were given to license drivers on a simulator.  The drivers had to answer questions, drive straight, turn right, and turn left.  The tests showed brain functionally increased while turning left at an intersection.  Things like watching for oncoming traffic, pedestrians crossing, and pushing buttons on the steering wheel help contribute this increase.  Read More

The Defense and VA Undecided About A Unified Healthcare System

The Defense and Veterans Affairs has been at odds about consolidating their health care records under one umbrella.  No one has clearly defined a process nor established a plan to move this consolidation forward.   Money has been awarded throughout the years to increase “key IT management areas”.  However as of January 2013 the interagency program office “was staffed at 62 percent, and officials said hiring was one of the their biggest challenges…”.  Read More

Biggest FED IT Acquisition Overhaul Plan Since 1996

Earlier in the week a discussion to change the Federal IT Reform Act took place in Washington DC.  The proposed change will allow CIO’s flexibility to move monetary funds from one project to another based on the project significance.  Currently the $80 billion IT budget “has been plagued by cost overruns and missed deadlines”.  Another suggestion was to have the bill spell out which “IT services could be managed centrally”. Read More

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