Tech Firms: Have you had conferences cancelled on you? We can help get the word out

March 3, 2013
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sgiWe have been heartbroken to see many of the greatest federally focused technology conferences either cancelled or scaled back.

But we in the technology community still have a duty to try to inform decision-makers of capabilities, even if there are fewer technology expos where direct demos can be given.

Nothing replaces a real demo. That said, some things can come close. Like a really good video and a succinct overview of what a technology can do. We believe our analysts and writers and the platform we have built at CTOvision and CTOlabs can help capture and spread the word on some of the best demo videos available and then make at least a small difference in helping get the word out on great technologies.

We have a request. If you are in technology firm that has a capability you were hoping to demonstrate at one of the government conferences that has been canceled, tell us about it here.  We will turn your submission into a write-up in our technology directory and will include the YouTube video of your choice as a way of showing what you can do.

Admittedly this is not as good as a hands on demo, but it can be very helpful to decision-makers who were probably looking forward to seeing you at one of the big events.

We will highlight the most viewed technologies in our newsletters and post a few of the best here at CTOvision.

Thanks in advance for helping spread the word on your great technology. Now please visit:

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