Scammers Misappropriate FBI’s IC3, Antivirus Startup linked to infamous Chinese hacker and more

November 16, 2012
Cyber Security
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Here are the top news and stories of the day.

  • Scammers Misappropriate FBI’s IC3 within Fresh E-mail Scam – Sophos is reporting that cyber-criminals are pretending to be the IC3 in scam emails to citizens claiming that they will receive compensation from due to a fraudster attack. The email contains a file attachment known as ‘details.doc.’ Via SPAMfighter, more here.
  • Proof-of-concept malware can share USB smart card readers with attackers over Internet – Researchers have created malware that can take control of USB smart card readers. These are the type of readers most often used for PIV cards. They can use the card reader (and it’s software) without the user even realizing it. Via ComputerWorld Malaysia, more here.
  • Antivirus startup linked to infamous Chinese hacker – Anvisoft, a Chinese Antivirus startup, has been linked to the hacker Tan Dailin (aka Withered Rose). Brian Krebs connected some IP addresses of the firm to those known to be from Tan Dailin. Via ComputerWorld Malaysia, more here.
  • Building Tomorrow’s Cyber Defenders – Northrup Grumman Information Systems have partnered with the Chantilly Academy to provide a Cybersecurity Camp for students. NGIS provided the instructors and the Fairfax school system the students. Via Connection Newspapers, more here.
  • Post-Election Congressional Shuffling Could Impact Feds’ IT, Cybersecurity Plans – As the election mayhem calms down, movement among presidential appointees could impact the IT goals and plans in federal agencies. There is a draft bill in congress which will push more budgetary power into the hands of the CIO which could also impact presidential appointees. Via eCommerce Times, more here.

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