Key Android Apps found vulnerable, CYBERCOM Betting on Kaspersky

October 22, 2012
Cyber Security
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Here are the top cybersecurity news and stories of the day.

  • Researchers have found that some Android apps used by millions of people have huge vulnerabilities – researchers identified 41 such apps in the Google Play Store that when used over unsecured Wi-Fi allow key information to be accessed. The easy answer is don’t use unsecured Wi-Fi to transfer important data. Via Ars Technica, more here.
  • How to do comparative anti-malware tests – this article from Naked Security examines comparative testing that provides a excellent analysis about the benefits of testing. Via Naked Security, more here.
  • CYBERCOM is betting on Kaspersky – the USCYBERCOM is betting on Kaspersky to create the new operating system for critical industrial infrastructure. If this OS can be functional, it would change the security paradigm for the entire critical infrastructure. Via HS Today, more here.
  • DHS Official suggests corporate resource pooling to mitigate cyber attacks – Mark Weatherford, deputy undersecretary for cybersecurity made the point that if corporations worked together to share threat intelligence they could increase their cyber preparedness and defense. Via ComputerWorld, more here.
  • DHS realigns cyber office into five divisions– the DHS is re-aligning into five sections, which will change the responsiblities of the organization. Via Federal News Radio, more here.
    • Federal Network Security
    • Network Security Deployment
    • National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center
    • The Stakeholder Engagement and Cyber Infrastructure Resilience division
    • Office of Emergency Communications

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