What is InfraGard? Anonymous Hackers Attack Dayton, Ohio Chapter of FBI Partner Website

February 25, 2012
Cyber Security, FedCyber Wire, Incidents
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‘Hacktivist’ group Anonymous continued their weekly cyber-assault on the Federal Bureau of Investigation, nicknamed #F–KFBIFRIDAY, on Feb. 24, temporarily hacking the homepage of the Dayton, Ohio chapter of private FBI partner InfraGard . Anonymous members replaced the regular homepage, which requires a login and password to enter, with the music video for LL Cool J’s classic 1995 Hip Hop track “Gangsta’s Paradise,” and a sinister message directed at the non-profit online information gathering organization which is directly partnered with FBI field offices across the country.

The message can be viewed here and reads:

Greetings Pirates! Another #FuckFBIFriday is here and once again we emerge from the hacker underground to wreak havoc upon the 1%’s institutions of repression.

via International Business Times, continued here.