FCC: ISPs Need to Protect Users From Botnets, DNS Fraud, Cyber-Threats

February 25, 2012
FedCyber Wire, Requirements
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ISPs, experts, academics and other Internet stakeholders need to do more to protect users from botnets, IP hijacking, domain name fraud and other security threats, according to the FCC.

The chairman of the Federal Communications Commission is calling on ISPs and other experts to protect users from the ongoing online security threats.

Internet stakeholders, which include users, service providers and policymakers, need to take “concrete steps” to address botnet attacks, domain name fraud and IP hijacking, said FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski during a speech Feb. 22 at the Bipartisan Policy Center in Washington, D.C. Without a multi-stakeholder approach to combat the significant cyber-threats, “billions of dollars” could potentially be lost to digital criminals, Genachowski told attendees at the cyber-security event sponsored by the Washington-based group founded by former lawmakers to address public-policy issues.

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