Keeping your information and identity safe from hard drive theft

February 21, 2012
Cyber Security, Education, FedCyber Wire
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We all know about computer hackers and the importance of being safe online but what about offline? Many of us have old electronics just lying around waiting to be tossed.

My laptop computer hasn’t worked for more than two years but I wanted to see if the files and information on it were still secure.

I contacted the experts at South East Technical Institute. Dan Larson is a computer information systems instructor, he also works with the Department of Defense on their computer safety programs.

If anyone would be able to find anything on my computer, it would be him. In a matter of seconds and a few turns of a screw, he had my hard drive.

“I can plug this into any computer and read it like a USB flash drive or removable hard drive. So realistically with no specialized software if you have a dead laptop, you can recover information.” Larson said.

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