FBI to Take Down a Chunk of Internet on March 8

FBI to Take Down a Chunk of Internet on March 8

February 16, 2012
Cyber Security, Responses
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If you can’t access the Internet come March 8th, the FBI may be to blame. On that date, a number of domain name servers are due to be taken offline, rendering all computers that use them net-less. Before you go get upset about this, or even worried, there’s a pretty legitimate justification here; the action is being taken in order to deal with a scourge called theDNSChanger Trojan, which modifies an infected computer’s DNS settings to direct traffic to some rather unsavory sites. The FBI is looking ti put the sucker out of commission for good.

DNSChanger originated from Estonia and is thought have wiggled its way into quite a few computers. Cyber security journalist Brian Krebs estimates that, at some point, it has infected up to half of all the Fortune 500 companies and major government entities. In order to stem the tide and keep DNSChanger from snowballing out of control, the FBI worked with the Estonian government and secured a court order to replace the dirty DNS with some clean replacements, in order to give affected clients some time get their systems straight. The thing is, that court order only allows for these replacement servers to run up until March 8th, so unless the order gets extended, anyone who’s still got a little DNSChanger in their system is going suddenly be short about one Internet.

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