Phishing Attacks Hitting Government Contractors

February 9, 2012
Cyber Security, FedCyber Wire, Incidents
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A recent report has revealed that government contractors have been the victims of a series of phishing attacks. The attacks, which were first detected in 2009 and haven’t let up, pump outspam that turns out to be fake invites to industry relevant conferences and contain links to PDF files. When opened, the files exploit a vulnerability in Adobe Reader and attempt to install a fake Windows Update that drops a Trojan called MSUpdater. The Trojan monitors the system and the network it’s on and steals sensitive data.

“Foreign and domestic (United States) companies with intellectual property dealing in aero/geospace and defense seem to be some of the recent industries targeted in these attacks,” the report states, without identifying specific attack targets.

It’s not yet known, even after all these years, who’s behind the attacks. Some experts blame foreign governments, others say it’s the work of a highly powerful group of hackers.

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