NRC Identifies High-Priority Technologies For NASA

February 3, 2012
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The National Research Council (NRC) has identified 16 technologies that it considers vital to NASA’s future as the space agency aims to “restore its technical edge.”

NRC, a non-profit organization that advises the federal government, combed through 295 technologies that are part of 14 technology roadmaps created by NASA’s chief technologist office. NRC identified 83 technologies it considered high priorities, then narrowed those to 16 top priorities.

The goals of NASA’s Space Technology Program are to sustain human activities beyond low-Earth orbit; continue its exploration of the evolution of the solar system and life outside of it; and increase its understanding of the Earth and the universe, according to the NRC report.

To reach its goals, NASA should focus on 16 high-tech priorities, according to NRC. Those are:

— radiation mitigation for human spaceflight;
— guidance, navigation, and control;
— optical systems;
— long-duration crew health;
— solar power generation;
— high-contrast imaging and spectroscopy technologies;
— environmental control and life support systems;
— electric propulsion;
— detectors and focal planes;
— instruments and sensors;
— fission power generation;
— lightweight and multifunctional materials and structures;
— nuclear thermal propulsion;
— entry, descent, and landing thermal protection systems;
— active thermal control of cryogenic systems; and
— extreme terrain mobility.

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