House Panel Approves Cybersecurity Bill

February 3, 2012
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A House panel Wednesday approved legislation that would require the mostly privately operated national critical infrastructure to adopt information security standards to safeguard their IT systems and networks.

The Promoting and Enhancing Cybersecurity and Information Sharing Effectiveness Act, known by the acronym Precise, also would authorize the Department of Homeland Security to coordinate IT security efforts among the federal government’s non-defense and non-intelligence agencies as well as the operators of the critical infrastructure. The legislation also would establish mechanisms to foster the sharing of cyber-threat information among federal, state and local governments and businesses operating the nation’s critical IT infrastructure.

The Precise Act, approved by the House Subcommittee on Cybersecurity, Infrastructure Protection and Security Technologies, goes to the full Homeland Security Committee for consideration. The measure, HR 3674, is one of severalcybersecurity bills winding their way through the House of Representatives. The Senate is expected to take up a more comprehensive cybersecurity bill in the coming days or weeks.

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