VanRoekel Details Government Mobile Strategy At CES

VanRoekel Details Government Mobile Strategy At CES

U.S. CIO Steven VanRoekel introduced Wednesday a draft outline of the federal mobility strategy that aspires to do more with less, partly by being more assertive in pushing the private sector to deliver products and services that meet government requirements.

“We have a really great opportunity to cut costs while increasing our productivity,” he said during a keynote luncheon at the CES Government conference in Las Vegas. “We have to use the size of the federal footprint and our buying power to change how we do things.”

VanRoekel acknowledged that the government could use mobile technology more effectively. “As I look across the way we use mobile in government, it’s very fragmented,” he said, citing the number of different device procurement contracts within agencies, as well as gaps in standards and governance.

The newly published federal mobility strategy outline presents six broad goals:

1. Incorporate the potential of mobile technology into federal government activities;
2. Build mobile technologies and services so they can be reused and shared among agencies and public developers;
3. Manage mobile and wireless acquisition, as well as inventory and expenses efficiently;
4. Create a government-wide foundation to provide mobility services across all agencies;
5. Promote collaboration to enhance mobility technology across government; and
6. Set up a governance structure for federal mobile efforts.

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