Social Security Considers Private Cloud Storage

The Social Security Administration (SSA) is considering a private cloud as one option for a new enterprise disk storage device infrastructure and services that would support the agency’s entire data-storage needs.

A private storage cloud with the ability to house multi-tenants and report on storage use by application–as well as isolate data from the perspectives of management and performance–is one of the topics of interest in an agencyRequest for Information (RFI) posted on

The SSA also is seeking ideas for a system to support other needs, including a wide variety of agency computers and OSes, including IBM MVS, ZOS mainframe systems, Solaris, HP-UX, Linux, VMware, and Microsoft Windows, according to the RFI.

Support for clustered servers; high-performance enterprise and departmental storage subsystems located in various offices across the United States; and open-systems storage connectivity also are topics of interest in the RFI.

via InformationWeek Government, continued here.