Naval Research Picks new Funding Projects

December 27, 2011
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Out of 36 proposals, ONR officials chose five winning topics for fiscal year 2012. Each will receive a four-year award worth approximately $1.5 million annually.

The five topics and their respective program officers are:

– Decentralized On-line Optimization; Dr. Don Wagner, Dr. Behzad Kamgar-Parsi, Dr. Jason Stack and Marc Steinberg

The goal of this research is to develop theory and computational methods for solving resource-optimization problems under the assumption that information is revealed incrementally and follows a decentralized decision process.

– Carbon Molecular Electronics; Dr. Chagaan Baatar and Dr. Paul Armistead

The objective of this research is to encourage innovation in bottom-up chemical synthesis and assembly of graphene and other carbon-based electronic devices and circuits with atomic precision and Angstrom resolution.

– Co-prime Sensor Array Signal Processing: A New Framework for Reduced Complexity Sensing; Dr. John Tague and Dr. Rabinder Madan

The research will establish the theory of co-prime sensor array aperture design and signal processing.

– Understanding and Characterizing Intuition for More Effective Small Unit Decision-Making Training Technologies; Dr. Ivy Estabrooke and Cmdr. Joseph Cohn
Researchers will characterize intuitive decision making and develop training technologies to enhance it.

– Couplings-Ocean to Space or Ionospheric Drivers from Below; Scott Budzien

The research will address new fundamental, multidisciplinary science questions about the coupling of near space-the Earth’s upper atmosphere, 20-100 kilometers above sea level-to the physical processes below.

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