DARPA to start checking your email for threats

December 27, 2011
FedCyber Wire, Responses
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Troops’ emails will be under surveillance as part of a new Defense Department project to help detect potential “insider threats,” or potential traitors or terrorists inside the military.

A new project backed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency aims to create “a suite of algorithms that can detect multiple types of insider threats by analyzing massive amounts of data — including email, text messages and file transfers — for unusual activity,” according to a statement from the Georgia Institute of Technology, which is helping develop the system.

The aim is to identify threats similar to that posed by Bradley Manning, the Army intelligence specialist who allegedly leaked thousands of classified documents to Wikileaks, or Nidal Hasan, the Army major accused of killing 13 people in a shooting spree at Fort Hood in November 2009. Authorities say Hasan had contacts with Islamic extremists overseas before the shooting.

DARPA describes the project, officially known as the Anomaly Detection at Multiple Scales program, as “insider threat detection in which malevolent (or possibly inadvertent) actions by a trusted individual are detected against a background of everyday network activity,” according to the agency’s website.

via Army Times, continued here.