Social Media to Be Included in 2012 Cyber Exercise

December 19, 2011
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Although still in the planning stages, next year’s National Level Exercise will likely include analysis of the role of social media during a major cyber event, according to sources participating in the exercise. 

The annual National Level Exercises (NLEs) are multi-agency events involving the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Defense Department, various state and local governments and many others. The NLEs are designed to improve the national response to major catastrophes, including earthquakes, terrorist attacks and nuclear incidents. Next year’s exercise, NLE 12, will focus on cyber issues.

Expected to last about four months, NLE 12 will involve four elements. The first will test various technologies and their ability to share classified and unclassified information. The second will continue assessing the national cybersecurity response plan, which already has undergone some testing through the Cyber Storm III exercise. The third element will evaluate supervisory control and data acquisition systems, which control significant parts of critical infrastructure, including the electrical grid, nuclear power facilities and utilities. The fourth part of NLE 12 will focus on the continuity of government operations, including communicating with the public.

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