Standards agency recognizes importance of private authentication tools

December 14, 2011
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Technology’s newly-released revision of government electronic identity authentication guidelines recognizes new tools and techniques have risen that offer safe, flexible applications for government users.

In NIST’s revised edition of its Electronic Authentication Guideline (NIST Special Publication 800-63-1) the agency said it expanded the options government agencies can use to verify the identity of users of their Web-based services. The revision of the Electronic Authentication, said NIST, is the first since 2006. The extensive update of the document, it added, is extensive and “recognizes that times, and technologies, have changed.”

“Changes made to the document reflect changes in the state of the art,” explained NIST computer security expert Tim Polk, Cryptographic Technology Group manager at NIST. “There are new techniques and tools available to government agencies, and this provides them more flexibility in choosing the best authentication methods for their individual needs, without sacrificing security.”

via Government Security News, continued here.