It’s apps vs. mobile-enabled websites in GSA smackdown

December 13, 2011
FedCyber Wire, Solution Providers, Technology
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Agencies looking to push their content onto mobile platforms are better off building mobile-enabled websites that can be accessed from any smartphone or tablet than building native apps that live only on one particular platform, Neil Bonner, a mobile specialist at the Transportation Security Administration,said recently.

Unlike native apps, mobile websites can be built quickly with relatively simple HMTL code, Bonner said. Mobile sites are basically one-size-fits-all, pared-down websites that compress content to fit a mobile screen so developers don’t have to devote energy to creating separate tools for Apple, Android or BlackBerry platforms, he said, and don’t have to worry about a totally new platform emerging.

Not so, countered Mike Pulsifer, a manager in the Labor Department’s Office of Public Affairs. Native apps offer a richer user experience than websites by incorporating things like location-based services and functions that use a smartphone’s camera and social media apps, he said.

Bonner and Pulsifier debated the relative merits of mobile apps and mobile websites at an online event sponsored by the General Services Administration’s Web Manager University. The two men took extreme and adversarial positions for the sake of a good debate, organizers said, stressing the men’s actual beliefs are far less uncompromising.

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