Social Network Analytics Saves Lives In Iraq

December 10, 2011
FedCyber Wire, Solution Providers
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Neal, an enlisted man in the U.S. Army on a tour of duty in Iraq, came up with a new way to detect improvised explosive devices, the notorious IEDs that plague convoys and troops on patrol. Neal’s expertise was largely unknown until it was discovered by an experimental system applied to a social network used by Army officers.

Thursday, one of that system’s authors, David Gutelius, now chief social scientist at Jive Software, told attendees at the GigaOm Net:Work conference in San Francisco that “machine learning” could be applied to social networks used in the enterprise and yield high value information there as well.

“Enterprise problems are really quite similar to some of those encountered in the military,” where, in the face of a challenge, new expertise needs to be discovered and widely deployed fast, he said at the event.

The IEDs were causing a fresh round of casualties deep into the eight-year Iraq war, after militants devised a new way to conceal and set them off. Captains of Army units were repeatedly discussing the problem, but no one quite realized that an individual in their midst had found an answer.

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