DHS to set up federated database search

December 5, 2011
FedCyber Wire, Technology
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The Homeland Security Department is adopting a federated database approach to information sharing, according to privacy recommendations presented by the department’s Data Privacy and Integrity Advisory Committee.

A federated approach means that rather than consolidating databases into a single, centralized one, users can search multiple databases from a single point. The extent to which a federated approach creates in effect a virtual centralized database depends greatly on its implementation. The advisory committee says it recommends that the search query functionality–what it calls a “hub”–be limited to a display of pointers to participating DHS component databases, an audit log and a knowledge management tool.

The tool would be necessary to resolve a problem that crops up in federated access, the committee says–namely, the necessity of users from outside the component that maintains the database to make a judgment on the quality of the data retrieved through a federated search.

via Fierce Government IT, continued here.