NIST Releases New Dataset to Combat Cyber Attacks

November 28, 2011
Cyber Security, FedCyber Wire, Solution Providers
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A group of computer scientists says they have enlarged a database designed to improve applications that help programmers find weaknesses in software.

The team from the National Institute of Standards and Technology has released the SAMATE Reference Dataset version 4.0, a free online tool designed to assist programmers fortify their creations against cyber hackers in addition to minimizing code errors in commercial software.

In order to check newly developed software’s overall functionality and resistance against cyber attacks, developers commonly use what they call a “static analyzer,” which analyzes millions of lines of computer code. The problem with this device is that it can only find weaknesses it has been programmed to find, which is where the SRD comes into play.

“The SRD is for companies that build static analyzers, whose use is expanding within the software industry,” says SRD project leader Michael Koo. “It will help their products catch the most common errors in the software they are supposed to check.

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