Security information sharing at TSA inconsistent, says GAO

November 25, 2011
FedCyber Wire, Technology
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The Transportation Security Administration has several programs for sharing security information, but the availability and quality of information needs improvement, according to a Nov. 21 Government Accountability Office report (.pdf).

The Homeland Security Information Sharing Network Critical Sectors portal is the designated mechanism through which TSA provides security-related information for critical infrastructure sectors and includes specific subportals for individual modes of transportation. But when GAO report authors interviewed 266 transportation stakeholders, 43 percent of rail stakeholders, 28 percent of highway stakeholders and 72 percent of aviation stakeholders had never heard of HSIN-CS.

TSA also disseminates an annual modal threat assessment, which provides an overview of threats to each transportation mode, but 48 percent of the stakeholders surveyed by GAO did not receive in 2010 the assessment, or any security assessments from TSA.

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