FAA embraces iPads more closely

November 22, 2011
Cyber Security, FedCyber Wire, Technology
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The Federal Aviation Administration permits a small number of iPads to directly touch its network, acting FAA Chief Information Officer Steve Cooper said Nov. 16.

In a brief interview after he spoke at an AFCEA-Bethesda-sponsored breakfast in Rockville, Md., Cooper said a mobile device pilot program for FAA employees mostly restricts tablets’ interaction with the FAA network to web email via the Internet.

But a “carefully selected group…under controlled circumstances” can now sync their iPads with their desktop, Cooper said.

“Our security gang has been working for a year and we’ve got the security worked out,” he added, stating that the FAA security officials “have access to what they need” in the iOS operating system.

During the event, Cooper said the FAA is investigating a change of its cybersecurity model to center around data. “Nobody is after the device. You want the device? Here, I’ll give it to you. Steal that–but if you can’t get to the data, who cares?” he said.

via Fierce Government IT, original article here.