Should Postal Service Offer Email, Online Storage?

The U.S. Postal Service should offer email, secure document storage, and other online services as a way for the financially strapped agency to leverage the Web as a service platform, according to the USPS office of Inspector General.

report from the IG outlined a digital platform the agency could create to offer services such as eMailbox and eLockbox to help the USPS take advantage of the Internet economy and recoup some of the more than $5 billion it lost in 2011.

However, questions remains about whether the agency has the qualifications to offer such services and where they would get the cash to create the platform for them.

As described in the report, eMailbox would be a “closed-loop” Web-based email service that would allow people only to communicate with others using the service, and access their email from various Web-enabled devices, including smartphones. eLockbox would be a secure document storage service that would be a subfolder of the email service and let people archive legal and business documents.

via InformationWeek Government, continued here.