eMarine allows cyber security in Marine Corps social network

November 16, 2011
FedCyber Wire, Responses
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In a recent initiative by Headquarters Marine Corps, units that utilize Internet websites such as Facebook and LinkedIn have migrated over to a more secure, comprehensive networking outlet specifically for the Marine Corps.

Per Marine Corps Administrative Message 499/11, units and individual Marines and their families are to employ the use of “eMarine” to discuss or provide information about Corps-specific topics.

“At any given time, we can find multiple [operational security] violations on Marines’ or their spouses’ online profiles,” said Lisa Gleason, the project manager for the creation and implementation of eMarine. “A lot of information can be gathered and used adversely, which is why we’re providing a more secure alternative to traditional social media outlets not open to the public.”

The eMarine site boasts simplicity in its use and navigation of pages and materials when offering such a secure environment for those of the Marine Corps community. Family Readiness Officers are able to release information to family members more expediently, and unit commanders can issue guidance to those in their commands securely and effectively.

Even in its infant stage, eMarine currently has nearly 50,000 users at press time with many more to follow as word of its implementation reaches all Marine Corps units worldwide. However, the blunt of eMarine’s purpose lies in information regarding deployed Marines and how it is distributed among the spouses back at the homefront.

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