Agencies using cloud to de-clutter IT systems

November 3, 2011
FedCyber Wire
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Richard Spires wants the Homeland Security Department to follow the minimalist approach when it comes to its back-office technology.

Spires, the DHS chief information officer, said the set up now — mostly a client-server approach — leads to too much clutter.

Instead, Spires said DHS wants to make services, such as storage, computing power, email and collaboration — that take up servers, personnel time and resources — more like a utility in the cloud.

“Cloud will continue to start to take on business processes in the near term, probably four or five years, before we start to really see it take off,” Spires said Wednesday during a panel presentation at the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Cloud Computing Forum in Gaithersburg, Md. “For now, it’s buying that utility through the middleware layer because I want all of my people focused on that customer, working with that customer, better understanding their objectives, their capability needs and how we will build IT systems on top of that stack in order to meet those needs. That’s the value of an IT organization, particularly in the kind of department I’m in. We don’t do nearly enough of that. I think we are clearing away a lot of this clutter and that is why I think it will change so rapidly.”

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