Microsoft Releases First Annual Computing Safety Index

October 27, 2011
Cyber Security, Education, FedCyber Wire
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Microsoft is introducing an online tool to help Web surfers gauge how well they are protecting their online content and surfing experience, and it turns out consumers are doing an even better job of protecting info than they know, though work remains to be done.

The computer giant’s Trustworthy Computing Group, which is focused on educating consumers about safe Web use, released Thursday its first annual Microsoft Computing Safety Index. October is Cyber Security Month and the company plans to issue a new index each October. “I see it as very much of a living index,” Jacqueline Beauchere, director of Trustworthy Computing for Microsoft, told B&C/Multi. “This is going to evolve over time as the threats evolved and the protections evolve.

The index scores countries’ Web users  — five countries were studied — with a total of 100 points possible in three categories, 1) foundational actions — “using newer operating systems, keeping anti-virus and anti-spyware software up to date, turning on and leaving on firewalls, using automatic updates, and connecting via secure wireless networks”; 2) technical actions — “hiding one’s PC ID, actively managing online information, using privacy settings, and limiting information-sharing”; and 3) behavioral actions — “creating strong passwords, visiting reputable websites, and conducting self-education about online reputation management and identity theft.”

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