Agencies want more than passwords for online users

October 25, 2011
Cyber Security, FedCyber Wire, Requirements
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The federal government is looking to move beyond passwords to more effectively manage security and authentication.

There are a number of efforts to provide better security than traditional passwords, said Jeremy Grant, senior executive adviser and leader of the Commerce Department’s National Program Office for the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace. Speaking Oct. 24 at the 2011 Executive Leadership Conference in Williamsburg, Va., he said the federal government is developing a national initiative to provide more enhanced methods for protecting computer users online.

The Office of Management and Budget also is working with agencies to outline the process of determining how organizations can be helped, said Suzanne Lightman, senior adviser for information security at the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Program Office. The possibilities include externally issued credentials such as Pub Med, the National Institutes of Health’s online site for medical documents. Since it launched in 2010, she said, it has accepted and credentialed more than 75,000 users. Pub Med is federated with the Open ID movement and accepts Google and PayPal identification, Lightman added.

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