White House may cut purse strings to enforce online credentialing

October 23, 2011
FedCyber Wire, Financial
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Federal agencies that fail to give website visitors the option to log on with outside credentials, such as their Gmail usernames and passwords, may lose funding, White House officials told Nextgov.

Federal Chief Information Officer Steven VanRoekel last week released along-awaited memorandum requiring that, over the next three years, agencies launching or upgrading sites that prompt people to obtain a username and password also must be compatible with logon services handled by certified third-party vendors.

So-called federated identity management allows agency and corporate sites to trust credentials that are issued by an outside entity. Currently, dot-gov visitors must remember multiple names and codes to interact with agencies, and each federal site must pay to maintain its own independent ID validation system. Sites are continuously asking for more personal information than is necessary simply to send citizens and customers alerts or let them save webpage settings, privacy groups complain. By accepting credentials issued by trusted third parties, agencies are expected to cut down on the cost of system upkeep and save taxpayers some grief, federal officials say.

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