Pentagon Weighing How to Respond to Cyberattacks

October 20, 2011
Cyber Security, FedCyber Wire, Responses
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The Defense Department is finalizing policies that will determine what the military can do in the event of a cyberattack as the government figures out who should have the power to shut down computer networks seized by an enemy nation, terrorist group or criminal hacker.

Gen. Keith Alexander, who heads U.S. Cyber Command, said Thursday that attacks against critical systems are increasingly carrying destructive viruses or malware that can hinder or destroy routers or networks. Alexander, who also is director of the National Security Agency, said the Pentagon and intelligence agencies must do more to protect their computer systems and coordinate with private companies to safeguard public networks.

“Is it the FBI? Is it the NSA? Is it the military or is it the ISPs — the Internet service providers? But somebody can turn that device off,” Alexander said during a conference of the International Systems Security Association.

via The Associated Press, continued here.