Could Anonymous Take Down Critical U.S. Infrastructure?

October 18, 2011
FedCyber Wire
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Hacking group Anonymous has released police department emails, led protests against San Francisco’s transit system, and organized denial of service attacks against Sony, but is the group capable of taking down industrial control systems (ICS) that handle things like our nation’s water and electrical supplies?

In a September memo, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said Anonymous is probably not yet organized enough to carry out a devastating attack on an ICS here in the U.S., but given time and resources, it might be possible.

“While Anonymous recently expressed intent to target ICS, they have not demonstrated a capability to inflict damage to these systems, instead choosing to harass and embarrass their targets using rudimentary attack methods, readily available to the research community,” DHS wrote in the memo. “However, experienced and skilled members of Anonymous in hacking could be able to develop capabilities to gain access and trespass on control system networks very quickly.”

via PC Magazine, continued here.