Homeland Security cyber protection office’s fate is up in the air

October 15, 2011
Cyber Security, FedCyber Wire
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The House is poised to vote on a measure that would not create a permanentHomeland Security Department cybersecurity office, after a committee on Thursday passed authorization legislation that does not mention the program. The move represents a departure from the Senate’s version of the bill, which would retain and rename the office to better reflect a new focus on safeguarding critical commercial sectors, including information technology.

Since 2007, the National Protection and Programs Directorate has worked to defend civilian computer networks from hackers. The office was never established under law since 2003 — the year the Homeland Security Department was created — was the last time Congress passed a DHS authorization bill.

On Thursday, the House Homeland Security Committee approved H.R. 311619-13, along party lines. Democratic members, in a report prepared by their staff, argued the measure “does not authorize this directorate, even as the issues of infrastructure protection and cybersecurity have emerged as critical concerns.”

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