Air Force Says Drone Virus Is No Threat

October 13, 2011
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A virus that attacked the system that controls U.S. military drones was never an operational threat, but merely a “nuisance,” the Air Force said late Wednesday.

The statement was the first official one from the U.S. military after Wired first reported of the virus last Friday.

The Air Force said it released the statement “to correct recent reporting” of the malware, which was being characterized as a real security threat to the flight of drone aircraft and difficult to contain. It was also reported that the virus may have removed data from Air Force classified and unclassified networks.

The Air Force said, however, that these depictions of the virus are false. The military was aware of the infection for some time and “control of our remotely piloted aircraft was never in question,” said colonel Kathleen Cook, a spokesperson for Air Force Space Command, said in a statement.

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