Research: Federal Government’s IT Priorities

October 10, 2011
FedCyber Wire, Requirements
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Amid ongoing political debate over federal spending, it’s difficult to know if the United States is entering a period of government austerity or one of additional spending aimed at boosting the economy. Either way, one thing is clear: The only way the federal government can deliver improved services, on the scale required, is by leveraging its huge investments in IT more effectively. The Office of Management and Budget is pushing a series of initiatives with that goal in mind.

To gauge how federal IT teams are managing OMB’s mandates and the many other projects on their plates,¬†InformationWeekconducted our third annual Federal Government IT Priorities Survey, which was completed in July by 131 federal IT pros. We asked survey respondents to rate the importance of two dozen technology initiatives, identify the factors driving their priorities, and assess barriers to execution.

They rank IT security and cybersecurity No. 1 by a wide margin. That’s consistent with last year’s survey and reflects the harsh reality of ever-present threats, both internal (such as the Department of State’s leaked diplomatic cables) and external (the cyberattack known as Operation Shady RAT).

Data center consolidation moved up on the priority list, while the White House’s Open Government Initiative moved down. Here, too, the shifts have a pragmatic explanation: Federal IT teams are under the gun to close data centers in compliance with a plan being closely monitored by OMB. Meanwhile, their first- and second-round open government projects have already passed muster, so that work is less urgent.

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