Going To War? The Army’s Got An App For That

October 6, 2011
FedCyber Wire, Technology
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Going to war? The Army may soon have an app for that.

Today the Army rolled out the newest version of their NetWarrior program, a system designed to let individual soldiers tie into the massive command and control networks used by the Army to coordinate its operations.

This version of the system is centered around what the service is calling an “end user device,” which is essentially an Android or iPhone-like smartphone that runs off the military’s Joint Tactical Radio System, Bill Brower, deputy project manager for the Army’s soldier warrior directorate, said today.

The setup, which weighs a total of five pounds, dwarfs previous iterations of the NetWarrior system, according to Brower.

The Army has 60 working prototypes of the new system now. Half are based on the smartphone platform, the other half are based on an iPad-like tablet, he added.

via AOL Defense, continued here.