Navy to take right risks to find IT savings

October 1, 2011
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The Department of Navy is under pressure to cut spending on technology systems and software. Terry Halvorsen, the CIO for the department, must reduce his IT spending by 25 percent over the next five years and he’s looking at two main areas: business systems and infrastructure.

“There are seams between what is pure business in maybe a commercial area and what is pure business inside the Department of the Navy. But there are certain functions that are predominantly business and we want to look at those for efficiencies for a couple of reasons,” Halvorsen said recently during a press conference with reporters at the Pentagon. “First, we believe as we have been looking where industry has been going and things they’re doing, there are efficiencies to be had there and better ways we could execute that. The second one has to do with risk. We are in a tough financial environment. If I want to take some risk, and in today’s financial environment, I will have to take some risk, this is a better area to take it than other areas.”

via Federal News Radio, continued here.