FedCyber Summit Quick Hits with Fulcrum IT

September 28, 2011
FedCyber Wire
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To get ready for the FedCyber Summit on Wednesday, we spoke to some of our sponsors about the current state of the Federal Cyber ecosystem, and what they are doing to advance it.
I asked Doug Meyer, Cyber Security Practice Manager of Fulcrum IT to answer the following questions:
Q: What is the biggest challenge in cyber security today? What are some emerging challenges?
A: The biggest cyber security challenge today is that most organizations still chase compliance thinking their “wall” of security will protect them.  They don’t realize the sophistication and ability of the attacker to target what may seem to be an inconsequential technical or personnel weakness that is soon exploited into a massive breach event.
Q: What does your company provide to fill gaps in the current ecosystem? What products does your company offer to drive innovation? To make the changes needed to move forward?
A:  At Fulcrum IT, we offer customized innovative solutions that enable organizations to move past the “Maginot Line” mentality and by wielding enterprise strategy, policy, and technology as a weapon seize back the initiative through continuous monitoring, active defense, and rapid forensic analysis.  We bring the experience and knowledge to understand there is no a single “silver bullet” technology but rather a combination of strategic thinking, enterprise-wide solutions, and tactical execution that will allow and organization to successfully parry and thrust in today’s cyber fencing contest.

Q: In what directions should the market innovate?

A: Innovation needs to press for better non-signature based real-time anomaly detection and rapid forensics that enables informed decisions.

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