Aircrews use tablets as ‘electronic flight bag’

September 26, 2011
FedCyber Wire, Technology
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The flight bag jammed with maps, performance logs, operations manuals and more is a thing of the past for a growing number of airmen.

Now, they carry tablet computers that can explain how to repair a part, show what route to fly and provide a little stress relief with a game of “Angry Birds.”

Air Mobility Command is taking the lead on tablets, using a variety to help lighten the load of aircrews. No more heavy manuals for maintainers to lug around or mounds of paper for pilots to sift through.

Aside from its light weight and portability, the “electronic flight bag,” as AMC is calling its tablet program, has the potential to save millions of dollars — from reducing printing expenses to decreasing weight on flights. The computers could go forcewide if they continue to be as reliable and cost-effective as they have been in the early phases of testing.

via Air Force Times, continued here.