The Dark Side

September 23, 2011
Education, FedCyber Wire
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Max Vision was surprised when Chris and Mike, his two contacts from the FBI office in San Francisco, turned up at his front door in Santa Clara, Calif., in October 1998. He didn’t recognize the man with them, although later he learned it was the FBI’s computer-crime boss. But then this was not a social call. “We’re building a case on you, Max,” they said. “You’ve really screwed up on this one.”

In a state of mild shock, Vision turned over his computer and everything else–he did not want to appear to be obstructing justice, though he was not yet sure what the problem was.

In his mid-20s, Max Vision was a computer-security genius and one of the most respected and highly valued consultants in the Bay Area. He was also a civic-minded chap; he set up the website, dedicated to helping people and companies ensure themselves against malicious cyberattacks. Vision would post the latest “vulnerabilities” to which popular software was prone and explain how to patch them up.

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