Is an ISP code of conduct the best way to fight botnets?

September 23, 2011
FedCyber Wire, Responses
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The Department of Homeland Security and National Institute of Standards and Technology are looking to beat back the kudzu of spam generators, distributed denial of service zombies, and other botnets, and they want your cooperation—on a totally voluntary basis, of course.

After a long and escalating string of high-profile attacks on government and corporate sites using botnets like the Low Orbit Ion Cannon, botnets are obviously high on DHS’s “to-kill” list. But while the government has had some success in attacking botnets directly, as it did in April when the FBI went after the Coreflood botnet, McAfee researchers estimate that the number of systems infected with botnet malware is growing at an average of 4 million per month.

via Ars Technica, continued here.