Expediency and red tape collide in IRS mobile app release

September 21, 2011
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via Nextgov

While an Internal Revenue Service mobile application that lets taxpayers check the status of refunds is secure, according to a federal watchdog, he scolded the IRS for breaking procedural rules to get it to market quickly.

The IRS2GO app, which also allows users to receive tax tips and the latest agency Twitter messages, launched Jan. 20 at Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android Market. In an audit released Tuesday, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration found that all sensitive data a user enters, such as a Social Security number or refund amount expected, is encrypted or coded in a way that blocks interception during transmission.

Since its release, IRS2GO had gained 147,205 iPhone users as of May 15, and 178,773 Android users as of March 1.

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