Federal IT’s Revolving-Door Problem

September 14, 2011
FedCyber Wire, Personnel
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via InformationWeek Government

Having jump-started Uncle Sam’s move into cloud computing, Vivek Kundra is now aiming more broadly, pitching the idea of a “global cloud-first policy” and agreeing to advise the European Union on its cloud strategy. They’re impressive next steps for the former federal CIO. How they will finish is an open question.

When Kundra joined the Obama administration in March 2009, he came in as a change agent set on overhauling the federal government’s poorly managed and uncoordinated IT operations. In 29 months on the job, he spearheaded government-wide data center consolidation, launched TechStat project reviews, guided elements of the administration’s open government strategy, and promoted investment in continuous security-monitoring systems. In December, Kundra unveiled the granddaddy of all IT reforms, a 25-point plan that requires fed agencies to adopt shared services and “light” technologies, bolster IT program management, hone acquisition processes, and rethink IT budgeting.

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