Federal Agencies Agree to Work Harmoniously for Cyber Security

September 6, 2011
Cyber Security, FedCyber Wire
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via Daily Tech

Cyber security has become an increasingly important issue in recent years due to the number of attacks launched against corporations and governments around the world. For instance, hacker groups LulzSec and Anonymous as well as others have broken into several corporate websites/records such as Sony, Fox and Gmail accounts. Government websites such as those for the CIA and top U.S. government information technology services provider Lockheed Martin were hacked as well.

Dealing with cyber attacks is difficult for government security agencies because it’s hard to tell if it’s an act of war or just smaller-scale criminal acts. An even larger problem in dealing with cyber attacks is determining who to call when one occurs. For instance, a cyber attack on a Department of Defense network might seem like an obvious job for the military, but if the attack occurred within the U.S., it would be categorized in criminal statutes.

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