Betting on the next wave of cyber-security

August 31, 2011
Cyber Security, FedCyber Wire
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via DoD BUZZ

If you are like millions of government and private-sector workers, you hate your work computer. You hate Microsoft Outlook. You hate your official-issue mobile device — most likely a staid ol’ BlackBerry. So you set up your own processes to work with the hardware and software that you prefer, say Gmail and Android, whether or not your IT department says it’s OK. You may be happier and more productive, but you may also have circumvented the security features that cost your company, or Joe and Jane Q. Taxpayer, a lot of money. And if you’re in the military-industrial complex, you may have inadvertently contributed to the ongoing cyber-crisis.

Computer security giant Symantec Corp. is betting that defense customers, public and private, won’t try to crack down on today’s tech-savvy users opting for their own gear and software. For one, if IT departments actually could force people to use horrible old laptops and boring BlackBerries, this wouldn’t be a problem. And more importantly, government and private sector network users want to move to “the cloud” anyway, moving even some sensitive data to homes online to save money on storage and make it easier for users to access it anywhere. Security worries are the biggest thing holding this back, but Symantec has a whiz-bang new product that it hopes will push things past that — and potentially generate another huge windfall for the company.

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