Security advances and budgetary pressures draw agencies to cloud

August 25, 2011
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The government’s transition to cloud computing is likely to be spurred as much by private sector security advances and budgetary pressure as it is by Office of Management and Budget dictates, government information technology leaders said Wednesday.

Amazon’s Aug. 16 launch of a government-only cloud could mark a major turning point in agencies’ willingness to store their data and services in privately owned computer clouds, NASA Chief Information Officer Linda Cureton said during a Fedscoop conference on saving money through information technology.

Amazon’s GovCloud employs only U.S. citizens and is compliant with several strict government regulations on handling sensitive data such as weapons information. Agencies that store such information previously had to house it in their own data centers or in federally managed clouds.

Other IT providers are likely to follow quickly in Amazon’s footsteps, Cureton said, raising competition and lowering the price of storage.

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