NASA touts Nebula, faults the public cloud

August 23, 2011
FedCyber Wire, Technology
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via Fierce Government IT

Nebula, the open-source infrastructure-as-a-service platform NASA began developing in 2009, has exceeded its initial goal of discouraging agency web developers from building rogue computing sites, according to an Aug. 16 whitepaper (.pdf) written by James Williams, chief information officer at NASA Ames Research Center.

“During its short tenure, Nebula helped agency scientists and administrators realize cloud computing potential for processing data more quickly, storing it more efficiently, and sharing it with colleagues and the public more effectively,” writes Williams.

The NASA paper sheds light on what Williams believes are Nebula’s greatest assets: its “instant-on” infrastructure, scalability and flexible environment. It also details the decisions that led to Nebula’s development.

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