OMB to agencies: Cut 2013 budgets 5-10 percent

August 22, 2011
FedCyber Wire, Spending
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via The Federal Times

The focus should be on savings initiatives that the Obama administration has been touting, like reducing improper payments, paring back real-estate portfolios and getting information technology investments under control, he said. There will be a greater demand for immediate return on investments for IT, and large underperforming projects will either be terminated or broken down into short-term increments.

Anne Reed, former chief information officer at the Agriculture Department, predicts there will be greater pressure to save money and increase efficiencies through cloud computing, especially for software services. While most agencies have launched cloud initiatives, others have been more hesitant because of security concerns.

Leaner budgets also may drive investments in less expensive mobile technology as opposed to more desktop computer purchases.

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