DISA adds-in security to military networks

August 20, 2011
Cyber Security, FedCyber Wire, Technology
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via Government Computer News

The Defense Department’s IT management arm is examining new methods to enhance network security. The Defense Information Systems Agency is pursuing a variety of programs that will help defends military networks from a variety of threats, Mark Orndorff, program executive officer for the agency’s Mission Assurance and Network Operations office, said Aug. 17 at the DISA Customer and Industry Forum in Baltimore.

DISA’s Mission Assurance office works with the Strategic Command and Cyber Command. The agency’s strategy for cybersecurity is to focus on operational capability and mission assurance, Orndorff said. The goal is to focus on operational capability and to train operators to their missions and not their equipment.

As part of its ongoing security efforts, the agency is also moving to machine-to-machine communications to speed network defense. However, Orndorff noted that there have been cultural issues as some groups have resisted the new capability. Those who resist need to let go of old ways to work more efficiently, he said.

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