Texas-based Vanguard Defense Industries official hacked by Anonymous; CEO says damage limited

August 19, 2011
Cyber Security, FedCyber Wire
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via The Washington Post

The email account of a senior official with a Texas-based defense and aerospace firm is the latest to fall victim to the hacking group known as Anonymous, an international band of cybersaboteurs notorious for their campaigns against the Church of Scientology and MasterCard Inc.

Vanguard Defense Industries’ chief executive Michael Buscher said Friday that the hackers had broken into the Gmail account of Richard T. Garcia, a former FBI agent who now works as the company’s senior vice president.

Anonymous said in a statement it had pilfered 1 gigabyte of data – including personal information, internal meeting notes and several dozen counterterrorism documents which it claimed were marked “law enforcement sensitive” or “for official use only.”

But Buscher told the Associated Press “there isn’t anything sensitive” in the released material. He said the hackers had not been able to breach the company’s servers or its website, which appeared to operating as normal Friday.

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